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Co-Signing: Quincy Taylor
Quincy Taylor is the co- founder of Owners Illustrated Magazine, Hustlenomics and The Ohio Hip Hop awards. He has made his mark in the music industry by promoting, marketing, pushing and grinding for artists such as B.G and even local artists like Cali Miles. He is a strong force in the Cleveland music scene and a very important part of the movement. Check out TUA's interview with him below

What is your mission for Cleveland?

To help structure and develop the music scene by bringing opportunity and infrastructure to create a money system that flows thru the economy

Who are some of the artists you work with?

Right now B.G., Skillz, Gucci Mane, Five, Cali Miles, Waka Flaka Flames, Jim Jones, Cy Harp, & more

Tell us about the Ohio Hip Hop Awards and how you got started with that?
Well its started in 2006 with myself and my partners Majestic, D Lorand, & Garbs, basically got the concept when i was doing some work with the Source Awards at the time, wanted to recognized some artist on my homebase for all there hardwork on a national level.

What steps do you have to take to be nomoinated for an Ohio Hip Hop Award?

We start our nomination phase on in the spring, but basically you have to release a project during the current years cycle and be recognized by peers, fans, & tastemakers.The awards are always the 3rd week of September, this will be our 5 year anniversary.

Tell us about Owner's Illustrated and how that came about?

Got with Damola prior to the Roc Da Mic Tour from a former employee(ICE) at Violator Management and vibed, created concepts and strategies that cater to business minded people to be owners and entrepreuners. Also started a more urban imprint with Hustlenomics catering to young adults. You can find us from anywhere from Borders, FYE, to your local store.We still hit the news stand, dvd magazines, and web on www.hustlenomics.comBe Sure to look out for the Owners Illustrated Magazine Talent Showcase Tour & Model Search Coming this Spring in 10 cities.

What advice could you give artists trying to be heard in a horizon broader than Cleveland?

The Internet gives people a even point to be heard thru many different avenues but you still need marketing campaigns to direct traffic to your music, one of the biggest things is building relationships once your music is taken, alot of artist think that someone owes them something but creating a buzz thru social media and network sites have seen a few artist grow and prosper.

Who would you say is a Cleveland artist to look out for in 2010?

Hmm i cant really say but i expect big things from Skent Dukes, CJ, & R.O.B. from Hushmoney, From Ray Cash,I like what Machine Gun Kelly is doing, And of course my fam in Bone Thugs & Harmony, Chip Da Ripper is on his Grind with Big Duke, i like Cha Cha & Cali Miles on the pop & r&b side, and a hip hop based artist wth the hustle of Cy Harp. I really try to support everyone from King & Mook to the Ladies of the Land, Doing the Underground Show every artist has eithered started with a show with the Underground Show or came and networked.

Who are your influences?

My influences are Diddy, Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, Master P, 50cent, to my team i work with Derrick Traylor, Tony Franklin, Marlo Martin, DJ Whoo Kid, Dj G Spot, Tone Capone, Kaspa, Judy Jones, i was mentored by some great people and music biz people and for them to respect me is truly a blessing. It has been good meeting and working with each of them, hopefully the door is open to continously put together something and make history.

If you could only have ONE cd with you for the rest of your life, which cd would that be and why?

Damn thats a tough question, either Biggie Ready to Die, Eric B and Rakim Paid N Full, or 50cent Get Rich or Die Tryin. They all represent a piece of my life where i challenged myself to grow and expand my knowledge and direction of where i wanted to go. (Damn It Q! I said One. LOL)

What can we expect from ITW in 2010?

Hmmm tough questions, expect to hear some good announcements , from doing a workshop tour with Best Buy for the Beats By Dre Headphones, to Seminars, Concerts with some of 2010 best artist, and executing marketing Campaigns for the the some great artist. Generally just transition and growth to help expand with the Ohio Hip Hop Awards and Music Conference. Dont forget Club Chi in Columbus also. Some other good announcements are soon to come.

Last Words:

Shouts to my homie Finch, Smoke, My Family, Paulie Rhymes, Young Zel, The E1(Koch) Staff,Nublud Mgmt, The G Unit Staff, Street Legal Marketing, The New Music Seminar, Starmusic Media, Hot Commodity Inc,OHHA Crew, RIP Big Proof of D12 and M Duce.Thanks to the Ultimate Appeal for there timeand the opportunity, Much Success for 2010.


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