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STARMUSICMEDIA Artists Spotlight: Falero

Owners :  What made you get into the business of music?
Artist: As a kid i've always like music. My Junior year of high school I transferred from a public to a private high school to better education. Doing this made me ineligible to play any sports for a year, I was around a lot of my friends who did music so thats how I first started.

Owners: Do you remember the first rhyme you wrote? What was it about?
Artist: The song was called "When I Get Home" was a very catchy song got played at the local skating rinks, bowling alleys, and school dances. The song talked about being out of town and when I got home having my girl be there for me take care of me. Definitely a lady pleaser.   

Owners: Who are you top 5 artists of all time?
Artist: Biggie. Drake. Wisin Y Yandel. Daddy Yankee. J. Cole

Owners: Where are you from and how has that shaped the music you create?
Artist: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. The way this has helped me create my music is because there is spanish in all my songs gives it a different sound and feel to my music. 

Owners: Tell the world about the concept of your latest project and its creation:
Artist: My last project was titled "Ahi Voy" which means Here I Go in English. I open up the mixtape with a song titled "Get Down On The Ground" only because any one who hears my music is always yeah he's just making his music radio ready, aiming only for the females, "Oh Falero has NO bars"  but the thing is I do, and i believed I showed the people that I do. I'm not street. I Like to drink, get girls, party and live the college life and thats what my mixtape entitles of. Im not going to rap about a life thats not mine. The street live i've seen plenty of it, killings, murders, suicides, drugs while I lived in PR. But thats not me now so why would I go and make music about it.

Owners: If there were any dream collaborations that you can make happen, who would it be and why?
Artist: Wisin y Yandel. They are spanish artist out of Puerto Rico and i grew up listening to them, and to this day I do. Honestly, thats my dream collabo.

Owners: How would you describe your new single and who produced it?
Artist: New Single titled "Quiero Que Te Muevas" is just basically your at the club doing your thing with your boys and theres this fine female, ya just get to dancing chatting up just having a good time with each other. Very uptempo beat. It was produced by my self. 

Owners: If someone wanted to book you for a show or follow you on twitter how do they do so?
Artist: my twitter is @Falero440 and my email is 

Owners: Any last words or shout outs?:
Artist: I would like to give a shoutout to my mother she has been my biggest supporter in this journey, my big brother Benny R, all of the Bula City Bois, Chuck Lew Ent. TeamFalero all the people who have supported my music. and just OHIO MUSIC! Ohio has alot of talent its just a matter of time before mines gets noticed.

mixtape download link


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