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Murdah 1 feat @GorillaZoe [Audio] Gangsta Party @Murdah1

Murdah 1 feat Gorilla Zoe @Murdah1 @GorillaZoe

Ray Cash feat @MachineGunKelly [Audio] 100 @RayCash_216

New Ray Cash Feat Machine Gun Kelly 100 @Raycash_216

Whats Marriage Got To Do With It? A Story By Johnny Sintic

Greetings fellow readers!  I'm not going to waste any time and were going to dip right in about married life.

First and foremost were going to get some things out of the way so people can understand where I'm coming from.  I was recently in a relationship and got married, then got divorced.  Now I'm not perfect or considered a saint.  I probably should have shown her more attention, maybe not play video games or play on my pc as much as I did, maybe listened more and maybe said some things that I shouldn't have, so yes, I am partly to blame.  But what transpired is what has me irked.  I want to keep this as short and sweet as possible because the record needs to be set straight.

When I first met my love a lie was told from the get go that I should've respected.  She had lied about her age, but did end up telling the truth a few days after.  This should've been red flag number 1.  But I let it slide because I really liked this person and could look past somethin…

The Game [Audio] Just So You Know prod @JpDidThis1 @YoungYonny @BigDukeSlab


Ray Jr drops Elected 2 Mixcd feat Project Pat Young Shank Problem