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(Chicago, IL) Self-proclaimed "R&G" ("Rhythm and Gangster") artist Teddie Cain Jr. has been making great strides over the past few months after finding success with his single "Save Somebody" and the visual for his street do-better anthem, "Doing Wrong." The recent tracks are Teddie Cain's follow up to his ESPN 30 for 30 featured song in the documentary called "Benji" about the the tragic story of Benji Wilson also from Teddie's hometown of Chicago. "It ain't but 2 or 3 exit doors on my block and two or three of them ain't good. So you have to get it how you can and make a way for yourself. Ain't nobody ever gave me nothing, I've been putting out music for years. I didn't ever get a deal, I had to grind and eventually started my own label," Teddie Cain Jr. said. Now the "Rhythm and Gangster" is continuing the momentum with his new video for "Like I Love You." The slow R&B track that continues to draw on themes from the streets and Teddie's relationships that hustlers and strippers. "I was chasing money one way and they were chasing money another way, but I feel I had more of understanding on dealing with them in a relationship, more so than maybe a normal guy. We were both chasing the fast money but we both had our eye on the prize," Teddie Cain Jr. said.


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