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Next show date booked...@ Phantasy in Lakewood...WE ARE LOOKING FOR REAL ARTISTS THAT WANT TO MAKE REAL MONEY! Slots fill up fast yall. You may be hott, but if you cant make an effort to sell 1 ticket then you not. Get with the program. We cover the big fees...hall rental, security, sound, underagers, etc....BUT, it's time for everyone to contribute... AND...some of you do....Dee-Cyfa-Sweet Blu-TKO-TCE-Lex B-ETC....and the rest of the $50 it's time to profitize.... AN DRE A-sounded fantastic...keep going to your vocal lessons...quit grabbing your shirt during performance..better eye contact...a touch of better melody, all songs sounded the same...more movement..own the stage. Cleveland needs a lot of work, but so far we the only ones doin it. I know people like Quincy sees dead people. We Will.(will use this) Yes We Can(will not use this)

Machine Gun Kelly Interview

With the Scene vibrant, as we embark on the 4th Annual Ohio Hip Hop Awards, it seems that each year theres a new person or group to make a name for themselves with great talent. 2009 seems to be a year that Machine Gun Kelly is really catching his stride with a combination of talent, energy, and good stage presence. Lets take a minute to get to know the Artist Machine Gun Kelly Quincy Taylor READ FULL ARTICLE

Nick Zuber Album Coming Soon!