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Machine Gun Kelly - Get Laced (Cleveland WINS)


Get ready for an all new young adult teen club about to open up in the city of Mentor that will provide a clean, fun and safe environment for middle school and high school kids to attend.  Not only offering your basic teen night dances with dj's, but also will be available for teen functions such as graduation parties, birthday parties and banquets.  StarMusicMedia is working in conjunction with Stagez to bring the best possible entertainment for youths over the course of summer, holiday breaks and off days when youths do not have school.  Be on the lookout for guest radio personalities, local area musicians, and a constant flow of theme nights and guest dj's as well as performers to keep each week fresh with new ideas and new music.  Involving all genres of music that pertains to all levels of young adult tastes.  Stay tuned to find out the exciting news in the upcoming weeks!  Grand opening weeked is slated for May with dates T.B.A.

Comedian John Bruton tells Trey Songz to Stay Away from his Girl

Da Kennel [video] Grain Language

Teen Mom - Janelle Gets Into a fight

StarMusicMedia Studios Coming Soon! (possible location)

Boob J - "Rock Da World"

iSex - Danny Wells, Johnny Mixxxx, D-Ray

BDay Happy Danny Wells!

Coming off his freshman cd Local Celebrity, local music artist Danny Wells wanted to take a completely different turn for his sophomore album titled Reflection in a unique an organic way.  Full control over each song, each collab and idea.  Bringing flavors of hip-hop, r & b, rock & acoustic, collaborations with artists such as Nick Zuber, Young Low & Slim Jim, this is sure to be a variety music that will attract all phases of listener's.  Today Danny Wells celebrates his birthday and we wish him well.  Quincy Taylor had a chance to sit down with Danny and find out what he's all about. SMM : How did you get started in music? Danny Wells :  My love for music has stayed with me for as long as I can remember and inspired me to pursue a music career. SMM : Who were your musical influences? Danny Wells :  Being raised by parents who had diverse tasted in music by such eclectic artists from different genres such as: Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppilin, the Temptations and

Star - (Johnny Mixxxx Remix)

Nick Zuber & Danny Wells Collab

On Danny Wells upcoming album a song titled "Shallow Water" featuring Cleveland's own Nick Zuber is sure to be a fan favorite! Stay tuned, on 5.29.11 your wait will be over!  Produced By: David Shockey

Nick Zuber & Danny Wells in the studio

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor (Explicit) ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

Ever so often lyrics from a song can play along with your life and current events.  My current state is Dr. Dre's verse.  Fits to a motherfuckin' T! It literally feels like a lifetime ago   But I still remember the shit like it was just yesterday, though   You walked in, yellow jump suit   Whole room, cracked jokes   Once you got inside the booth, told you, like smoke   Went through friends, some of them I put on   But they just left, they said they was riding to the death   But where the fuck are they now   Now that I need them, I don't see none of them   All I see is Slim   Fuck all you fair-weather friends   All I need is him   Fucking backstabbers   When the chips were down you just laughed at us   Now you bout to feel the fucking wrath of aftermath, faggots   You gon see us in our lab jackets and ask where the fuck we been?   You can kiss my indecisive ass crack,   Maggots and the crackers ass   Little crack a jack beat making whack math,   B

What It Takes To Be A *STAR* by JMix

WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A *STAR*: I get so many messages from artists claiming that they are the best, the next to get signed or can pack a show 500 people deep while selling tickets with no problems. What I’m seeing more of are artists who have no clue about promotion or think that by having 100,000 friends on myspace along with 1,000,000 plays means that they are famous. Sorry, but your not a *STAR*. 1. If you are not bringing in a crowd of more then 20 people, then you have no business performing. Friends and family count, but don’t show up with 3 people and expect to get the best time slot. 2. Obviously if the people are clearing the dance floor while you are performing that should be a sign that your music needs alot of improvement. 3. Making diss tracks or dissing people on social networking sites are pointless and only makes yourself and your peers look bad. 4. You asked for my honest opinion about your music, I told you exactly what I thought and you call me a hater. Yo

Ray Cash [Audio] feat Krayzie Bone " Go Dumb"

Ray Cash feat Krayzie Bone "Go Dumb"

What's Present Is Future by JMix

I am looking forward to making more blog posts about my views and thoughts on current events and situations.  Now that past drama is finally over in my life its time to get re-focused.  All cancers have been cut from my life and I feel 100% better.  What amazes me though is how CERTAIN people still like to talk about me when i'm not around and make up false stories and accusations.  Not knowing that I have people all over and your information always gets back to me.  BUT, enough about them.  Whats past is past and whats present in future.  I'm proud to have a wonderful girlfriend now who treats me with respect and cares about my feelings.  I'm finally in the first position where I can say that I have all the pieces to my puzzle when it comes to StarMusicMedia.  I'm finally with the set artists and producers I want to work with without outside hassles or complaining.  I've been involved in over 500+ shows and have been involved with some sort of music 15+ years in m

Flesh N Bone Album Release Concert April 22nd 2011 at Phantasy Nightclub

To Open up For Flesh N Bone

Streets & Young Dueces{Video} Interview with Radio

Street Certified Tour Featuring Ray Cash, Da Kennel, Ampichino, Ray Jr, & CJ Platinum

Be Sure there will be more information and Dates Released on This Soon

Baby Floss{AUDIO} Dont Tell Nobody

Preparing for the release of his new mixtape, "This How Money Look" hosted by DJ Holiday. Baby Floss releases "Don't Tell Nobody." As a major player in the Columbia, South Carolina Hip Hop movement, Baby Floss has his City and State behind him. Floss - Don't Tell Nobody.mp3 The upcoming mixtape, "This How Money Look" will have guest Collaborations include Jim Jones, Pastor Troy, Tity Boi and a number of others. Thanks for taking a listen and if you need anything at all please let me know. If you post please let me know so I can promote you on mine as well as Baby Floss' social networks. On twitter I'm @LolaSims and he is @BabyFloss1

Nerve Djs Midwest Music Summit & Artist Showcase

Check out

GTC[Video] Grind Til I Get It

Krayzie Bone & Big Heff working on a Compilation Album for Ohio Artists

From Krayzie Bone- I just want to let it be known to the city of Cleveland that I am currently working on a project/compilation album with Quincy "Big Heff" Taylor, that will be aimed at shedding more light onto the Cleveland music scene. The project entitled, "Cleveland is the city Vol.1," will be the first of two Vol's. Vol.1 will feature the hottest rap artist & producers out of Cleveland, and Vol.2 will showcase the hottest R&B/Pop acts from the city. This will be a huge opportunity for up and coming artist to showcase their talents on a nationwide scale. What I'm looking to accomplish with these albums, is to try to bring all these artist together, not just from Cleveland, but the entire state of Ohio! Honestly, I feel that this is long overdue. It's so much young, fresh talent in the Cleveland that it's a must we be heard. It took me awhile to really gain the knowledge and wisdom that I needed to make this happen. Now the time has co

R.I.P. - Nate dogg ft WarrenG-Annie mae

Breakups (Top Notch Click) Exclusive

Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Stone Cover Shoot

NorthCoast Extravaganza

Flesh N Bone CD Release Party

I'm A Muthafuckin Champ - Lil Craig Of 2Reel DISS TRACK - by Mr. Kaotic

Michael Jackson 1995 MTV Video Music Awards Performance (Part 2/2)

Grafh - Knock'Em Down ft. Waka Flocka (Official)