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I Want Some Mo!

iSex - Danny Wells, Johnny Mixxxx & D-Ray

Gimme My Balls

Denver, Colorado...SMH

Busted in Madison, now constantly using ones cell phone to visit us!!! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE MR. COLORADO AREA CODE! HAHA BUSTED AGAIN!!!  You must really like our music enough to follow us this much!!!  970 AREA CODE FROM T-MOBILE, GEE WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE!! LOSER!

Young Low, Thurl & Danny Wells - Between Your Thighs

Mont Dig MONT–DIG Born Monty Travelle Thompson in Akron, OH has been writing and rhyming since the 4th grade. He went from Schumacher Elementary bathroom freestyles to being a mix tape Phenomenon. The name Dig was adopted from his Uncle Byron. Byron heard about Mont’s lyrical talent, and the first words out of his mouth after three bars was “Damn you good”. The word “you” was replaced with “I” creating the “DIG” in Mont-DIG. In 2001 Mont DIG linked up with Tyquando Russell also known as Aviator J. Creating a friendship in high school allowed them to explore their love for music, which spawned the rap group Kilatainment. Kilatainment began to record various songs that impacted the local markets of Akron, Cleveland and Columbus Ohio. Kilatainment’s street buzz generated a strong partnership with local Promoters and DJ’s allowing their momentum to build. As Kilat

Pretty Boy Swag Freestyle - Swah The Braveheart

On his much anticipated mixtape, “Dreamers Asylum” Swah The Braveheart has clearly re-established Akron, Ohio music and put his mark on the Industry. This has clearly shown his purpose in music which is quickly moving him to the top. Within his first few months of making his appearance he has already been seen sharing the stages with such artists as Chip Tha Ripper, Shwayze, and B.O.B. Swah can not only make hits but rock the crowds and bring them from silence to straight rage. He makes it clear that a Dreamer can stay in there Asylum and put out what they truly feel and get recognition without becoming a sellout. However the real question is, when are you checking into “Dreamers Asylum”? Few months after the release of “Dreamers Asylum” Swah began to work on his sophmore mixtape which is entitled “Ivy League”. Many months of hard work and studio sessions have been put into this mixtape. Swah also was able to link up with Mr. Peter Parker (ShadyVille DJs) to host and mix “Ivy League”.


Did You Say Thursday?

Sliding in for an update on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.  Its been a remarkable past few days with the release of Slim Jim's album Snap Into This.  The overwhelming downloads and views continue to pile up.  We've reached fans as far as Austrailia along with other countries such as New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Poland, Malaysia, India, Phillipines and the Netherlands.  What amazes me is were getting more talk, downloads and plays from our haters which has me asking, "if you hate us so much, why are you leading the stats in these categories?"  As we continue on our quest to make hits we are in the final stages of StarMusicMedia's next artist Danny Wells, who is releasing his album titled Relflection.  A release date set for 5.29.11 will feature collabs with such artists as Nick Zuber, Cali Miles, Young Low, Slim Jim and Johnny Mixxxx.  This album is being exclusively produced by Johnny Mixxxx and David Shockey.  On another no

Slim Jim - Snap Into This 1. Intro (See Right Thru Me) 2. $nap Into Thi$ 3. Flippin Guap 4. Go Hard Ft. Young Low 5. How 2 Flyyy Ft. B.Lee 6. Underrated Ft. $howtime & Hu$tla $hock 7. $et It Off 8. Cant U See 9. Touch The $kyyy 10. Armageddon/ Interlude 11. I Think Ft. Danny Well$ & D-Ray 12. Do The Impo$$ible 13. $adistic Child Ft. Danny Well$ 14. All I Need I$ Me Ft. Danny Well$ 15. Time 2 Grind 16. Re$pect It Ft. Matt G 17. Outro (Tha $how) 18. Flippin Guap (REMIX) Ft. NorthCoa$t Kingz


Snap Into This - 12:01am 4.20.11 Release!

Krayzie Leaves Bone Thugs N Harmony



$lim Jim - $nap Into Thi$ - 7 days 9 hours 55 mins 30 secs

Bringing a fresh new sound to the next generation of hip-hop in Cleveland is a young eastsider by the name of James Antonio Stradford aka Slim Jim. His variety of vocabulary used in songs will have you wondering, did he really just rhyme those two words together? Telling a story by speaking fluently in rap language is one trait that this artist definitely has.  Slim has an album slated for release on 4.20.11 featuring artists such as Boob J, Young Low, Showtime and Danny Wells.  Follow that up with production by executive producers Johnny Mixxxx and David Shockey, be on the look out for a story to be told once again.  In words that make sense along with intelligence captivated by a personality that will NEVER accept defeat.  Quincy Taylor had a chance to sit down with Slim and get to the bottom of his madness. SMM: How did you get involved with rap music? Slim Jim: The influence came from my parents. They were D.J.s for motorcycle social clubs in Cleveland. Music was always on. M

Snoop Dogg - Boom ft. T-Pain

Hourly stats from other Countries...

Monday, Monday...

Been awhile since I gave an update.  Lately i've been sick of listening to the radio cause every station of every genre plays the same songs over and over again, like a bad after prom that never ends.  Music wise we've done about 25 tracks in 25 days and have a future project that will feature 30 tracks of 30 second video clips of random scenarios i've thought of in my crazy insane brain.  Besides is you look to the right of the page, you will see the countdown timers for how many days until each cd is released.  All projects are in the final stages with Slim Jim's going into mix-down phase and then print.  We also still recognize we still have haters and people that like to continue there useless babble on social networking sites.  It's actually a comforting feeling knowing that the more they talk about us, the more publicity we get.  We had stats done recently on our website and came to find that the real haters are the people who are returning the most.  Based o

Ultimix 167

1:  Born This Way  by: Lady GaGa (124 BPM) (5:40) Mix by Mark Roberts 2:  Hit The Lights  by: Jay Sean f/ Lil' Wayne (128 BPM) (5:45) Mix by Mark Roberts 3:  Sing  by: My Chemical Romance (111 BPM) (6:42) Mix by Brian Roche 4:  Rocketeer (DJ Kue Rmx.)  by: Far East Movement f/ Ryan Tedder (128 BPM) (4:30) Mix and additional production for Ultimix by DJ Kue 5:  You Remind Me (Giuseppe D. Rmx.)  by: Joe Zangie (126 BPM) (5:37) Mix by Brian Roche 6:  Pretty Girl Rock (Cahill Rmx.)  by: Keri Hilson (125 BPM) (5:59) Mix by Bobby Rooke 7:  Blow  by: Ke$ha (120 BPM) (4:34) Mix by Stacy Mier 8:  Price Tag  by: Jessie J. f/ B.o.B. (88 BPM) (5:09) Mix by Mark Roberts 9:  Hey (Nah Neh Nah)  by: Rico Bernasconi Vs. Vaya Con Dios (125 BPM) (4:55) Mix by Strobe 10:  S&M  by: Rihanna (128 BPM) (5:58) Mix by Stacy Mier 11:  Unless We F*ckin' (Clean)  by: Clinton Sparks f/ Akon (130 BPM) (5:12) Mix by Strobe 12:  Unless We F*ckin' (Explicit)  by: Clinton Sparks f/ Akon (13

FunkyMix 145

1:  Look At Me Now  by: Chris Brown f/ Lil' Wayne & Busta Rhymes (73 BPM) (5:07) Mix by Stacy Mier 2:  Welcome To My Hood  by: DJ Khaled f/ Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne & T-Pain (70 BPM) (6:37) Mix by Mark Roberts 3:  Bow Chicka Bow Wow (DJ Volume Rmx.)  by: Mike Posner (136 BPM) (5:02) Ulti-ReMix by DJ Volume 4:  Grove St. Party (Clean)  by: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Kebo Gotti (70 BPM) (5:30) Mix by DJ Rix 5:  Grove St. Party (Explicit)  by: Waka Flock Flame f/ Kebo Gotti (70 BPM) (5:30) Mix by DJ Rix 6:  Grove St. Party (Pt. 2)  by: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Kebo Gotti (136 BPM) (5:40) Mix by DJ Rix 7:  I Need a Doctor  by: Dr. Dre f/ Eminem & Skylar Grey (78 BPM) (5:46) Mix by DJ Rix 8:  Big Butts (Clean)  by: Ying Yang Twins (128 BPM) (5:20) Mix by Doc Roc 9:  Big Butts (Explicit)  by: Ying Yang Twins (128 BPM) (5:20) Mix by Doc Roc 10:  Roll Up  by: Wiz Khalifa (94 BPM) (5:26) Mix by Mark Roberts 11:  My Girl  by: Mindless Behavior (74 BPM) (5:41) Mix by Brian Ro

Snoop Dogg (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) - This Weed Iz Mine Official Video

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Studio with Slim Jim...

Studio with Young Low...

Five The General [audio] feat Lil Wayne, Ra Diggs, J Stills, Kyzier Kash

FIVE THE GENERAL: FEAT LIL WAYNE, @KYZIERKASH, & RA DIGGS @misterhooks DIRTY @bigheff http://limelinx

Between Your Thighs - Young Low, Thurl & Danny Wells