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Murdah 1 feat @GorillaZoe [Audio] Gangsta Party @Murdah1

Murdah 1 feat Gorilla Zoe @Murdah1 @GorillaZoe

Ray Cash feat @MachineGunKelly [Audio] 100 @RayCash_216

New Ray Cash Feat Machine Gun Kelly 100 @Raycash_216

Who is the Maresnest?

This is fantastic. A wordpress blog run by people who sit in dark corners and play with themselves continues to be infatuated with SMM and its owner. We are proud to see they are linking this story within this blogpost so we can give them an update. We've never seen a Wordpress blog have this much of a hardon for someone, but with the info we found out about the Maresnest could be the reason why. Mainly used to talk shit about people who play a video game, the people of Maresnest were banned by all outlets because they finger each other too much. So they made a blog. We know who Maresnest is by name, owners, writers and location. Due to legal purposes and the Maresnest people licking each others assholes, we can't post the info here. What we can tell you is the background for the current writers. Typically they wake up and like to finger each other. It could be an hour long process, all morning long process, it all depends on who wants to go first. Usually its Mr. Maresnes

The Game [Audio] Just So You Know prod @JpDidThis1 @YoungYonny @BigDukeSlab


Ray Jr drops Elected 2 Mixcd feat Project Pat Young Shank Problem