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Jay Z Is Now DJ Khaled’s Manager

Man Lip Syncs "We Are The World" Using FaceSwap Live

New Track In The Works! Dr. Goose Robbins

Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega [Official Video]

StarMusic News: Noon @We_Here216 - Country Thick

StarMusic News: Houston's Foreign [Audio] Get This Money

(Houston, TX) - Twenty Five Nation frontman, Foreign is hailing from Houston’s Stude Wood area, one of Houston’s toughest neighborhoods. But while Foreign grew up in a rough area, he was not aware of the world around him. “Before I got my first deal, I never traveled outside of my neighborhood. I never even saw the Galleria Mall in my city until I was 18 years old,” Foreign explained. Now Foreign frequently travels the world, grabbing inspiration for his music from cultures that many only see on television. “Music is my release,” says Foreign, “The world is my fan base, I never wanted to be directly for the hood, that’s why I travel wherever the wind blows. I want to touch all of the people,” “Get This Money,” is the latest single from the Foreign EP is coming this Spring and its a club-ready track produced by Ralphael. The bass will have you jumping out of your seats as Foreign recounts how he started from the bottom to become a success. SPOTIFY: https://o

Need to Know - The Mass Surveillance Thriller Game

Internet Meme Ruined My Career

StarMusic News: Lorine Chia @LorineChia - Only One Video

StarMusic News: Rihanna [Video] Work feat Drake

Tate Kobang - Bank Rolls Remix [Official Video]

The Original Studio Version Of Michael Jacksons Thriller Originally Titled Starlight

Teens Accused Of Murder Promote Social Media Accounts In Court

Nasa Releases Video of Apollo 10 Astronauts Hearing Music Coming From the Far Side of the Moon

StarMusic News: Plane Jaymes @PlaneJaymes [Mixtape] Boarding Pass Hosted By Big Heff

StarMusic News: Denver's Casey Kelley @KelleyWarrior5 [Mixtape] Ressurection

StarMusic News: Lua Proc @LuaProc [Audio] Flexxin

Lua Proc : Flexxin Produced By Stevie B Pittsburgh PA: Hailing out of Pittsburgh, Lua Proc gives us a hard hitting single, titled "Flexxin". This song represents coming from the struggle to becoming a success and boisterously flexxin that success around. Check the soundcloud. The Song premiered on XM Sirius's Hip Hop Nation New Music Alert Feb 16th, 2016. @LuaProc on Twitter Lua_Proc on Instagram Be Sure to Check for Lua Proc on the Kirko Bangz Tour in March March 9th 2016 Indianapolis IN Emerson Theater March 10th 2016 Cleveland OH Phantasy Nightclub March 15th 2016 St Louis MO Pop's March 24th 2016 Los Angeles CA Union Nightclub March 26th 2016 Albuquerque NM Fire & Ice April 1st 2016 Dallas TX Gas Monkey Bar & Grill April 14th 2016 Houston TX Warehouse

This Is The Guy Who Didn't Come When His Friends Said "Be There Or Be Square"

Eminem - 2 Gods 1 Guitar [EXPLICIT] (Rap God Cover)

"NFL 2016: PART TWO" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

StarMusic News: @FlyTye216 [Video] Ballin Directed by @SceneAmatiX

StarMusic News: Rossini [Audio] Ferragamo feat Trap Main

After a short break from music due to a health scare and legal issues, Rossini is releasing his new track "Ferragamo" with the full support of his CTE family. The track is the follow up to his duo work with Boston George that included work with Rich Homie, Yo Gotti and Scarface to name a few. In the song Rossini talks to the streets about how to really make it out and how to really hustle. "Everything has changed, from being 100 in the streets. I see it on the news, I see it in the hood and with people that I interact with on a day to day basis. It went from everyone hustling to everyone wanting to get high and everyone wanting to take and run off on the plug," Rossini explained. "I didn't come from that background and to me the plug is everything, so this tape is called 'That Work.' The streets are struggling, can't nobody tell me 'bout this, and nobody can talk this shit like I talk it, this is what I know. I gotta talk to these n*ggas t

StarMusic News: @PaperBoyRell [Audio] Sprite Lee #LeanAnthem

The Akron Street King Paperboy Rell returns with a anthem for the syrup sippers with "Sprite Lee". Sprite Lee is the first single from the upcoming project hosted by DJ MLK and DJ Steph Floss that will be released in March. Be Sure to check out Paperboy Rell at the Nerve Djs Midwest Monsters Showcase at SXSW at Lucky Lounge March 17th. PaperBoy Rell @PaperBoyRell DownLoad Link:

"NFL 2016: Part One" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL