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I'm happy to announce a partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame -  Looking for R&B artist and Songwriters  About education or something positive  Record the song or Video on your phone and send it to Education@RockHall.Org   by June 11th 2016 We are having a Special Summer Concert at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the Finalist & more!  If You Know A Good Singer Please Forward Them The Info:  Big Heff is also looking for Def Jam Digital Interns  Looking for College or High School Credit -  Please Sign Up: ------->>>> Win Tickets to Concerts, new Music, and more  or Email Heff@StarMusicMedia.Com   Thanks, Big Heff 

StarMusic News: @IceWear_Vezzo [Video] Moon Walken

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Boot Camp Training 2016 HD

1946 Color Footage Of Cruising Through LA

"Honk If You're Horny" Prank On Dad

360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl

Rapping Deconstructed: The Best Rhymers Of All Time

Small Particles, Big Science: The International LBNF/DUNE Project

StarMusic News: @NewJackNino -Squad Ties feat @FrenchieBSM & Rich Gates

StarMusic News: @ANT_TTMG [Audio] Do The Damn Thing

Grand Rapids, MI has a new champ outside of the Money Team's Floyd Mayweather, its Trump Tight Music Group A.N.T., A.N.T collars with vocalist Jay Alexander to talk about the struggles of staying down to coming up on the anthem "Do The Damn Thing". Be Sure to Look out for A.N.T. on Big Heff's Streets Most Wanted Tour starting in June. @ANT_TTMG Twitter ANTTMG on Instagram

Gordon Ramsay Loses Cooking Competition

StarMusic News: Redd Cold Hearted [Video] Ice

21 Salute Ent’s flagship artists Redd Coldhearted serves up another visual from her highly anticipated debut project “Coldhearted”. This track is titled “Ice” & here we get a glimpse of how the “Want To” MC possibly finances her extravagant lifestyle. Redd & her crew pull off a diamond heist. The camera switches between Redd spitting braggadocio flows and giving orders to her all-girl 21 Salute contingent, who secure the goods thanks to a little inside information and a bit of gunplay. Not too over the top, Redd’s raps have a strong ring of authenticity, especially when we notice Young Thug & rising star Duct Tape Ent artist Trouble making cameos along with the highest ranking members of the Duct Tape army. Redd Coldhearted is the female voice of the streets of Atlanta. Check out “Ice” for proof.May 12

5 Creepy Real Found Footage

Why Is Flying So Expensive?

StarMusic News: Blis @IamBlis [Audio] F U Money

(Los Angeles, CA) Getting his start in the Midwest and residing in Los Angeles, St. Louis bred rapperBlis got his start doing music when he was 10, but he didn't really take music seriously until he graduated high school. After not relating to a host of the "bling bling" era rapper, Blis sought to give fans a look at life through his more realistic lens. Contrary to how the music industry has traditionally pitched artists, Blis hopes to give fans a view of life from a regular guy's perspective in the Midwest. "I was taking money at my job and putting it back into the music and working this job that me and my co-workers were so sick of working. We just didn't have a voice and there wasn't a union. We couldn't speak up because we would get fired so we would talk about it every day and I just felt trapped," Blisexplained. Amidst losing his father Blis abruptly quit his job and recorded this song in response to the troubling few month

Kingspray Graffiti Simulator VR

"The Land" Cleveland-Based Film [Official Trailer]

Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

StarMusic News: @Digmata [Video] Lets Get It

Game Of Thrones - Intro 80/90's Mashup

Mountain Biker Wins Competition With No Chain On His Bike

1989 UK Illegal Rave | Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Inside A 6ft Air Balloon

Extreme Jobs - High Voltage Power Line Inspection

Behind The Scenes: Corey Coleman Becomes A Cleveland Brown | 2016 Draft Diary Pt. 4

Dabs With Dads

Outkast | Ms. Jackson | Muppets Version