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StarMusic News: YFN Lucci Interview on the Breakfast Club


(Chicago, IL) Self-proclaimed "R&G" ("Rhythm and Gangster") artist Teddie Cain Jr. has been making great strides over the past few months after finding success with his single "Save Somebody" and the visual for his street do-better anthem, "Doing Wrong." The recent tracks are Teddie Cain's follow up to his ESPN 30 for 30 featured song in the documentary called "Benji" about the the tragic story of Benji Wilson also from Teddie's hometown of Chicago. "It ain't but 2 or 3 exit doors on my block and two or three of them ain't good. So you have to get it how you can and make a way for yourself. Ain't nobody ever gave me nothing, I've been putting out music for years. I didn't ever get a deal, I had to grind and eventually started my own label," Teddie Cain Jr. said. Now the "Rhythm and Gangster" is continuing the momentum with his new video for "Like I Love Y

StarMusic News: Akron's L Dro @Drohio330 Returns with Mass Appeal Freestyle

Akron, Oh is still celebrating the NBA championship from Lebron James, and on the music scene L Dro returns with a freestyle from the Summer 96 Mixtape that releases Sept 11th. After releasing "The Life We Live" feat Jadakiss & Beanie Sigel and being featured on DJ Kay Slay's Win or Lose feat Dave East, Fred The Godson, and Vado. L Dro is preparing for the release for his debut EP "Higher Learning" and getting started on Big Heff's Streets Most Wanted Tour. Twitter: @Drohio330 Instagram: Drohio330 L Dro feat Jadakiss & Beanie Sigel Link:

StarMusic News: @ShuicideHolla [Video] Hit Dem Folks feat @Preme_Dibiasi and @YoungShank

StarMusic News: The College of Hip Hop Launches Education App @TCOHHdotORG

The College of Hip Launches the first ever Entertainment Education app for FREE! The College of Hip Hop is the one stop source for entertainment education. Learn how to do your own copyrights, PRO forms, set a budget and more. TCOHH has constructed the proper team of professionals to give you insight to reach your goals in the entertainment business. Now, after years of research, planning and preparation TCOHH is offering the world their app for FREE! The College of Hip Hop APP is available on Android (Google Play), IOS Apple (App Store), Blackberry and the Amazon app Networks. This App was created by AJ and SJ Jackson; co-founders of The College of Hip The twin brothers are fresh off of the release of their book “10 Steps to profit from your Passion” which was influenced by The College of Hip AJ and SJ Jackson leads by example giving you jewels you can live by in the entertainment business. The College of Hip Hop APP features are incredible. F

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StarMusic News: Ca#hPassion [Audio] Hard Earned feat Tre Capital

(Los Angeles, CA) - Since earning posts for his video "Unlimited" with PnB Rock on a host of sites across the internet including a Fader premiere, LA based and Bay Area bred artist CA$HPASSION is getting all sorts of attention. Now he is releasing another track dubbed, "Hard Earned" featuring lyrics from his homie Tre Capital and production from WondaGurl and 95Grvmz The track comes with some highly entertaining cartoon artwork that shows CA$HPASSION and Tre Capital in a drop top while a dragon breathes fire above them as they throw stacks in the wind. "My next single is 'Hard Earned' ft Tre Capital produced by WondaGurl and 95 Grvmz. We are gearing up for my self-titled EP which includes production from TM-88, J Gramm and more. We also have special appearances from Sonny Digital, HBK P-Lo, Dumbfounded, KOHH and others. I'm really excited for the world to hear what I've been cooking up." Ca$hPassion explained.

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