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Danny Wells - Local Celebrity

1. Local (intro)
2. One Night Ft. Minus P
3. Turnin' Me On Ft. Lil Craig, Big Mucci & Minus P
4. Keep Your Eyes On Me Ft. Unified Boyz & Minus P
5. Lovers Or Friends Ft. Lil Craig, Minus P & Cali Miles
6. Thinkin Bout U Ft. Lil Craig & Minus P
7. Really Wanna Know Ft. Unified Boyz
8. Sick Of Love
9. Waste Luv Ft. Lil Craig
10. Loose Control Ft. Lyrical Menace
11. Private Show Ft. Rick Sickman
12. Lights On Ft. Unified Boyz
13. Drippin Wet Ft. 2Reel
14. Hey Girl Ft. 2Reel
15. What I'm About Ft. Unified Boyz
16. Time 2 Move On Ft. Johnny Mixxxx & Lil Craig
17. Path I Choose Ft. Minus P & Johnny Mixxxx
18. Celebrity (outro)
19. Circle Lounge Ft. Johnny Mixxxx
20. Thinkin Bout U Club Mix

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Interview: Sits Down With Quincy Of ITW Marketing

(Solid Buzz)So Quincy or is it Big Heff? What you been up to lately?

(Quincy) What's up Solid Buzz, well first off Big Heff is the chill out having a good time name and Quincy is the businessman name, but Quincy Taylor has been working hard branching out and continued to develop the Ohio Hip Hop Awards with my partners. For the 5 year Anniversary, Maintain being Label Support for E1(Koch Support), & being a apart of Owners Illustrated Magazine & Hustlenomics DVD. Big Heff is working hard too Just dropped a CD with my homie DJ G Spot for Cy Harp, & working on a new Bone Thugs & Harmony CD with my Guy DJ Ice-this will be our 3rd one to prepare for the new Bone Release. Shout out to ESPN also

(Solid Buzz) Throughout your years grinding and making a name for yourself what do you consider your major accomplishments?

(Quincy) Well I really don't like doing interviews as you know, but highlights , ummmm being event coordinator on the D12 World Tour, being apart of the An…


Proph The Problem - Good Girl Gone Bad

Produced By: Johnny Mixxxx
Proph The Problem - Good Girl Gone Bad

Proph The Problem - Midwest Fresh Mixtape

Exclusive Five Interview With Solid Buzz

1.(Solid Buzz) So, Five let the people know who you are and how long you have been rapping?

(Five) I'm just a fact teller, someone who calls it how he see's it and can care less who he offends while he's doing it. I've been rapping most my life but never seriously until I got out of jail. I was always nice and had a gift but I wasn't going to studio's recording anything.

2.(Solid Buzz) Who are your main influences in the rap game?

(Five) Rakim, KRS, Tupac, Scarface, B.I.G, 50, Nas, Jay-Z, Lox, a few others. I fuck with lyrical people and people I feel rhymed about the life they lived.

3.(Solid Buzz) What made you to be a more street/lyrical artist than following what everyone else in hip-hop is doing now?

(Five) I didn't have a choice, I rhyme about is what I see. To be honest I don't pay attention to what everybody else is doing, I make music based on what I feel, see, and experience.

4.(Solid Buzz) I know you are with Stone World and work with ITW Marketing…

Ohio State Of Mind Network Party

Ray Cash Ohio Music Tour 2

A Closer Look Mixtape Release Party

UltiMix 152

1: Fireflies (Pt. 1)
by: Owl City (90 BPM) (4:53)
Mix by DJ Skillz

2: Fireflies (Pt. 2)
by: Owl City (120 BPM) (4:54)
Ulti-ReMix by DJ Strobe

3: Like a Prayer (Ext. Mix)
by: Oscar Salguero (128 BPM) (5:25)
Mix by Mark Roberts

4: One Time
by: Justin Bieber (133 BPM) (5:19)
Mix by Trace & Rix

5: Outta Here
by: Esmee' Denters (126 BPM) (5:05)
Mix by Mark Roberts

6: Nobody (Nevins Rmx.)
by: The Wondergirls (131 BPM) (6:08)
Mix by Mark Roberts

7: Tik Tok
by: Ke$ha (120 BPM) (5:51)
Mix by Supa Dave Jackson

8: Drama Queen (Texting U) (Harris Club Rmx.)
by: Barry Harris F/ Simone Denny (128 BPM) (6:15)
Mix by Jim Thias

9: Good Morning
by: Chamillionaire (88 BPM) (7:29)
Mix by Mark Roberts

10: Give It Up To Me
by: Shakira F/ Lil' Wayne (116 BPM) (4:50)
Mix by DJ Rix

11: Hang On (Aude' Rmx.)
by: Plumb (128 BPM) (6:09)
Mix by Jim Thias

12: Bad Romance
by: Lady GaGa (119 BPM) (5:46)
Mix by Mark Roberts

All Nite Single Release Party

Ozone Magazine Model & Talent Search

Funkymix 129

1: I Can Transform Ya
by: Chris Brown F/ Lil' Wayne (84 BPM) (5:55)
Mix by Mark Roberts

2: Video Phone
by: Beyonce' (78 BPM) (5:20)
Mix by DJ Skillz

3: Drop That
by: DJ Khaled Presents Mista Mac F/ Flo-Rida, Brisco & Ball Greezy (132 BPM) (5:05)
Mix by DJ Richie Rich

4: Baby By Me
by: 50 Cent (95 BPM) (4:04)
Mix by DJ Skillz

5: Gangsta Luv
by: Snoop Dogg F/ The Dream (102 BPM) (5:10)
Mix by Supa Dave Jackson

6: Hell Of A Life
by: T.I. (83 BPM) (5:50)
Mix by Mark Roberts

7: Shut It Down
by: Pitbull F/ Akon (128 BPM) (5:01)
Mix by DJ Rix

8: Fresh
by: 6 Tre G (77 BPM) (5:30)
Mix by Mark Roberts & Stacy Mier

9: Tie Me Down
by: New Boyz F/ Ray J. (134 BPM) (5:17)
Mix by Trace & Rix

10: Body Language
by: Jesse McCartney F/ T-Pain (81 BPM) (5:27)
Mix by DJ Doc Roc

11: Hold My Hand
by: Sean Paul F/ Keri Hilson (86 BPM) (5:15)
Mix by DJ Rix

12: Shots
by: LMFAO F/ Lil' Jon (128 BPM) (4:37)
Mix by Stacy Mier

Jack da Rippa Street Bully Mixtape:Hosted by FIVE the General