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Flames Binladin [Video] Akuma Freestyle Video



Machine Gun Kelly Flam Feeva Ray Jr take flight at Nerve Djs SXSW

Machine Gun Kelly Flam Feeva Ray Jr take stage at Nerve Djs SXSW

Bella Nae performs at SXSW with DJ Trick

Machine Gun Kelly talks DJ Johnny O, Bone Thugs, & Ray Cash with Nardwuar

2 Chainz Kanye West & Big Sean at SXSW by Flyy Boy

Stalley at SXSW


Mystikal behind the scenes with MGK & Meek Mill of Wild Boy Remix

Ray Jr [Video] SXSW Def Jam Showcase with MGK

Mookie Montonio [Video] Still Lonely

B Rich [Video] Let me Know feat Niq

Machine Gun Kelly Release Party with Dub O, Ray Jr. & DJ Hot Watta

Best of Cinnamon Challenge Fails!

The Road We've Traveled

The Road We've Traveled Official Trailer - Obama for America 2012

SwagLife presents Yung Rida's Trap House

SwagLife presents Yung Rida Trap House @yungrida216 @ceoswaglifeent

Cleveland is Haterade Nation!

I want to present a typical situation that happens in Cleveland when an artist has severe mental problems.  Early in morning I made a Facebook post that goes as follows: Artist's who make diss tracks are immature and childish. Anyone that would actually take time to talk, write or record about someone else's life is either jealous or a hater. Artist's who make diss tracks typically have no music career so they need to pick on someone else for attention. Artist's who support other artist's that make diss tracks typically have no music career either. Once again, the same crop of people following and liking the usual NO MUSIC CAREER artist. GROW UP! Now notice I didn't mention anyone's name, I didn't call out any certain artist.  I was simply stating an opinion.  All of a sudden a local talent post's hate on my FB wall and then inboxes me with a message thinking I was talking about him.  The message goes as follows: ME: why are you posting on my

FunkyMix 157

1. Strip by: Chris Brown (95 BPM) (4:57) Mix by Mark Roberts 2. Starships by: Nicki Minaj (125 BPM) (5:19) Mix by Stacy Mier 3. Is Anybody Out There by: K'naan f. Nelly Furtado (94 BPM) (5:45) Mix by Brian Roche 4. The Woman You Love by: Ashanti f. Busta Rhymes (67 BPM) (5:40) Mix by Doc Roc 5. Wild Boy by: MGK f. Waka Flocka Flame (70 BPM) (6:01) Mix by Doc Roc 6. Talk That Talk by: Rihanna f. Jay Z (84 BPM) (5:47) Mix by Mark Roberts 7. Sabotage by: Wale f. Lloyd (98 BPM) (6:06) Mix by DJ Rix 8. Bad Girls by: M.I.A. (71 BPM) (5:41) Mix by Brian Roche 9. So Good by: B.o.B (86 BPM) (5:58) Mix by Mark Roberts 10. Up! clean by: Love Rance f. 50 Cent (97 BPM) (4:53) Mix by Stacy Mier 11. Up! dirty by: Love Rance f. 50 Cent (97 BPM) (4:52) Mix by Stacy Mier


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Senior Citizen Choir takes on Hip-Hop

DJ ButterRock Boost Mobile Uncut (Nerve Djs)

Download DJ Butter Rocks latest mixtape "Boost Mobile Uncut" Vol 1 featuring all new music from Future, Alley Boy, Fat Joe, Camron, French Montana, Fly Rock, J Bannon, Punkinfoot and more. Get your free download by clicking the link below. -- 01 DJ Butter Rock-Boost Mobile Uncut Intro 02 Future-Same Damn time 03 Fly Rock-Self 04 Drumma Boy-Levi Jeans 05 Tone Trump-Afghan ft Young Jeezy 06 La Da Boom Man-Bad Bitches ft Mo Pain 07 Jackio-My Dawg 08 J Bannon-In The Party 09 Gucci Mane-Rich Nigga Shit 10 Punkinfoot The Panty Girl-The Cypher Freestyle Pt 1 11 Too Much-84 Bars N Running 12 Ice T Legendary Freestyle 13 DJ Butter Rock-Making G's 14 French Montana-Light Up 15 Fat Joe Ft Clipse & Camron-Kilo 16 Masspike Miles-Dopeboy Swag ft Red Cafe 17 Camron-Curve 18 Punkinfoot-This Is What I Do Freestyle 19 Teyana Taylor-D.U.I. ft Fabolous & Jadakiss 20 Ginuwine

Machine Gun Kelly MGK KellyVision 24

Meek Mill and Los Freestyle in the Studio